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Volunteer at St. Joseph's
The Volunteers of St. Joseph's are a dedicated group of men and women who seek to serve the patients and staff of St. Joseph's. Volunteers serve in over 35 different areas of the hospital. There is always a need for new volunteers and they are always welcomed.

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St. Joseph's Auxiliary was established on July 7, 1954. Originally known as the Women's Auxiliary; it is now open to anyone who wishes to be of service. Although the membership base has broadened, the goals remain true to the founding mission:

to promote and advance the welfare of St. Joseph's
to increase community awareness of St. Joseph's programs and services.
to serve St. Joseph's and its patients and
to take an active role in advocacy efforts to maintain high quality and fairness in medical care.
to raise money for the benefit of the patients and staff of St. Joseph's.

Auxiliary Memberships
At this time there are three types of memberships:

ACTIVE - members pay annual dues of $5.00 and are involved in many of the activities of the auxiliary. They may serve on committees, make crafts or baked goods, and work at fundraising events.

INACTIVE - members pay annual dues of $8.00. They may participate in activities, if they choose to do so, but are not called upon unless they wish to be included.

HONORARY - members pay annual dues of $12.00 and no active participation is expected.

Auxiliary Responsibilities
Some of the responsibilities that auxiliary members may volunteer for include:

Telephone Committee - calls members for fundraisers and social events.

Telephone Caller - makes local calls to legislators on behalf of St. Joseph's in the role of advocacy.

Donator: Buys tickets for fundraisers, donates baked goods, crafts, or hand-made items for our fundraising events or to sell "Busy Hands" merchandise in the Gift Shop.

Worker at Auxiliary Events - including book sales, Holiday Sale, Card Party, etc.

Auxiliary Board Committee.

Many auxiliary members are also active volunteers at St. Joseph's. They work in a wide variety of areas: front desk, gift shop, OR waiting room, dietary, business office, Emergency Department, Pastoral Care , etc.

As we enter a new era, the auxiliary is seeking new ways to better serve St. Joseph's and the community. We welcome both new members and new ideas!

For more information, call: 737-7819 and ask for Kathy Gray, Manager of Volunteers.

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