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Pediatric visitation restriction policy lifted at St. Joseph's

Officials at St. Joseph's today lifted its visitation restriction policy for any individuals under the age of 18. As a measure to prevent the spread of seasonal and H1N1 flu, St. Joseph's implemented a policy in October of 2009 where all hospital visitors had to be 18-years-of -age and older as well as not exhibit any symptoms of illness.

On the recommendation of the Hospital's Infection Control Committee, St. Joseph's President/CEO Sister Marie Castagnaro, SSJ said the Hospital was comfortable rescinding the visitation restriction policy today. "Over the last few weeks there's been no reported flu cases in the community," said Sister Castagnaro. "However, we still look to protect our patients from any possible viruses. Therefore, we encourage any visitors, who may be ill, to refrain from coming to the hospital."

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