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Relapse Prevention Treatment

Relapse Prevention therapy is designed to help the patient learn what relapse is, understand the relapse process, identify their personal warning signs, and learn how to manage the warning signs once they occur to avoid a relapse.

Patients identified as relapse-prone or fear relapse and want to avoid it, are offered this treatment approach which includes two groups a week and individual work. Group work will include education about the relapse process and identification of personal warning signs.

Treatment includes developing a recovery plan and the management of these warning signs to interrupt the course of relapse. Patients are fully involved in this treatment which includes some self-directed work in preparation for group or individual sessions.

Levels of Care
Outpatient Relapse Prevention treatment is an open ended group. The patient can begin the program at any time. Relapse prevention therapy can be offered by itself or in conjunction with other treatment groups.

Inpatient Relapse Prevention treatment is available at our New Dawn inpatient rehabilitation unit for patients who need a higher level of care. Length of stay is variable.

Admission Criteria: Patients are referred for relapse prevention treatment based on individual assessment either at the time of admission or during the course of treatment, as needed.

If you have further questions regarding Relapse Prevention treatment, please call:

STARS (607) 737-7802
New Dawn (607) 737-7801

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