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Prayer Request

St. Joseph's Hospital is pleased to announce the availability of our prayer intention service.

This service allows you to submit a Prayer Intention for friends, family members, or anyone you feel needs a prayer. Whether it's for a patient at St. Joseph's Hospital, a friend who's going through a rough time, or a family member across the country, your prayers can be shared with loved ones when you cannot be there to support them in their time of need.

When you submit a prayer request through the St. Joseph's website, your prayer intention is entered into the St. Joseph's chapel prayer book, located just outside the chapel door. You intention will be remembered in our prayers during Mass and the rosary in the chapel weekdays. This Mass is also televised throughout the hospital for St. Joseph's patients.

If your prayer intention is for a patient at St. Joseph, a card will be delivered to the patient's room to let them know a prayer intention has been submitted for them. If the patient has been discharged or the person is not a patient at St. Joseph's Hospital, you can include his/her email address with your request and they can receive your prayer intention via email.

When submitting prayer intentions, please be sure to keep the person's privacy in mind. Prayers should be general in nature and should not include information considered confidential or private. Do not include last names, addresses or specific details about the person in your request.

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