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New Dawn Inpatient Rehabilitation Program

Comprehensive Care
The goal of treatment is to arrest the disease and prepare the patient for long-term recovery and a healthy productive life without the use of addictive chemicals. Our treatment includes medical monitoring; physical aspects of care; individual, family, and group therapy; introduction and involvement in 12-step recovery programs of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous; therapeutic and educational lectures and films; nutritional assessment and information; and exercise.

Experienced New Dawn Staff
The New Dawn staff consists of a medical director, Administrative Director, clinical coordinator, social worker, activities therapist, health care coordinators, and addictions counselors, all of whom are skilled in treatment of alcoholism and chemical dependencies.

The staff works as a team to identify and treat the physical, psychological and social needs of each patient while working towards increased self-esteem, confidence, and personal growth.

New Dawn Family-Based Treatment
The staff strongly recommends family involvement in the recovery process. A family education series is part of the New Dawn treatment program and is held every Sunday prior to visitation.

Other family treatment services provide the opportunity to identify and define family problems that surface during treatment.

Family programs include education, films, groups and therapy sessions with staff. Arrangements can be made for these services at our STARS Outpatient Clinic or in the home community.

Lifelong Healing
Recovery is a lifelong process. Each patient leaves New Dawn with a complete plan for continued care, including appropriate arrangements and appointments with community service providers. The patient helps in preparing the plan along with staff, family, and referral sources.

The goal of continuing care is to provide assistance during the transition from inpatient treatment to recovery in everyday life.

Contacting New Dawn
Call (607) 737-7801 between the hours of 8:00 AM and 4:30 PM for more information.

Referrals are taken daily. Admission by appointment only.

We are an approved facility for Blue Cross and other insurance carriers. Medicaid and Medicare are also acceptable. Payment arrangements, including insurance coverage, for New Dawn must be in place prior to admission.

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