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St. Joseph's Utilizes New Technology to Enhance Patient Care

St. Joseph's recently became the first hospital in the greater Elmira area to utilize a new Wireless Phlebotomy enhancement that strengthens St. Joseph's patient safety measures. Medical Information Technology, Inc.'s, better known as MEDITECH, new Wireless Phlebotomy allows St. Joseph's phlebotomists' to streamline their progress by displaying real-time orders on a wireless handheld device therefore allowing them to quickly and accurately document and label blood specimens at the patient's bedside. MEDITECH, based in Massachusetts, is a leading software and services based company in the health care industry for nearly 40 years.

Prior to implementing Wireless Phlebotomy in late September, St. Joseph's phlebotomists depended on a variety of automated and manual processes to receive orders, collect and label the specimen, and update the system. Sister Marie Castagnaro, SSJ, St. Joseph's President/CEO said the MEDITECH software now allows the Hospital's phlebotomists to automate the specimen collection process. "The Wireless Phlebotomy allows all data entered and displayed on the handheld device to be updated in real time enabling all of our patient care teams to be aware of any new orders as well as monitor activity on all of the Hospital's floors," said Sister Castagnaro.

Other benefits St. Joseph's experiences from this new technology include positive patient identification as well as eliminating the possibility of labeling errors.

"St. Joseph's is proud to be the first local hospital to implement this new technology further strengthening our commitment to total quality care for our patients," said Sister Castagnaro.

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