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Emergency Care Center

Caring, Well-Trained Staff
St. Joseph's Emergency Department has an excellent, caring and qualified staff ready to help any patient with an urgent medical need, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A staff of physicians, all Board-Certified or Board Eligible in emergency medicine, lead a team of caring professionals at our Emergency Care Center.

The Emergency Care Center has a qualified and caring nursing staff on duty around the clock in our Emergency Department (ED). St. Joseph's ED nurses have extensive training in emergency nursing and most have obtained certification in their specialty. All emergency nurses are certified in basic and advanced cardiac life support. Many have intensive and critical care experience from previous nursing in ICU/CCU units. All staff continually update their emergency medical skills with on-going education and specialized training.

For referrals, consultations, and direct care, over 200 physicians and other allied healthcare providers are affiliated with our Emergency Care Center. Pastoral Care is provided 24 hours a day, and the well-equipped labs and support services throughout the hospital are available whenever needed.

Ample Facilities & Equipment
St. Joseph's Emergency Care Center is the largest such facility in the Southern Tier. In fact, we have 12 treatment rooms, each a specialized care center in itself. These include rooms designed for major trauma, lacerations, orthopedic injuries, pediatric patients, eye injuries, cardiac patients, or patients in critical condition.

The Emergency Care Center is at the hub of all the hospital's vital diagnostic and treatment centers, such as radiology/medical imaging and laboratory services. This makes accessing them fast and convenient.

If emergency surgery is required, St. Joseph's has the most modern of Operating Room suites ready for any type of surgical procedure.

If a patient requires admission to the hospital, our Emergency Care staff arranges for their transfer to the appropriate unit.

If a physician needs information on a specific medical problem at St. Joseph's, the Helene Fuld Learning Resource Center medical library will provide up-to-the-minute information from leading research centers, and links St. Joseph's via computer and facsimile machine to medical laboratories across the country.

Limited Transfers
Because St. Joseph's is a full service hospital with the region's only Burn Center, a Behavioral Science Center and the Twin Tier Rehabilitation Center, very few emergency patients require transfers to distant facilities. In fact, many patients are transferred from surrounding hospitals to St. Joseph's because of our regional center for serious burns, head injuries and psychiatric cases requiring admission.

You Can Decide in an Emergency
If you or a loved one are injured or involved in a medical emergency which requires an ambulance, ask to be taken to St. Joseph's. Unless your problem requires immediate attention and another hospital is closer, the crew is required to respect your decision about which hospital you prefer.

Remember, you can decide where to turn for emergency care. Make St. Joseph's your choice. Our emergency care staff provides empathy and understanding to all people who come through our doors. We work as a team of caring medical professionals with respect for each individual's human dignity.

We Want to Help
The Emergency Care Center at St. Joseph's is prepared to handle anything from routine injuries to life-threatening multiple trauma cases.

By combining the strengths of highly-trained emergency care specialists with the benefits of sophisticated equipment, we have become one of the largest Emergency Centers in the Southern Tier.

Most importantly, we treat patients with empathy and understanding -- two vitally important dimensions of caring for people with sudden illness, injury or life-threatening trauma.

In an Emergency
To talk directly to someone in the Emergency Care Center, call 737-7806. Our link to the Finger Lakes Regional Poison Control Center can be accessed by calling (800) 333-0542. Our Emergency Services Outreach Coordinator can be reached at 733-6541 #486.

Call us direct:
(607) 737-7806
24 hours a day, 7 days a week

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