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Behavioral Science Unit

We Want To Help
Mental health problems can be rooted in a physical disorder such as a brain chemical imbalance, or they can be brought on by extremely stressful situations such as divorce, unemployment, loss of a loved one or other traumatic event.

Withdrawal from society, inability to function in normal daily activities and loss of coping skills are the major symptoms of debilitating mental health problems.

Regardless of the cause or symptoms, mental health problems are treatable, and we're ready to help.

Focuses on Short-term Care
We've chosen to focus on the needs of individuals who are in acute distress and not in need of long term care. Our intense treatment program requires a short stay (usually 14-21 days) in the hospital.

While designed to reduce stress, our program is active. Patients are expected to participate in a range of group activities as well as in a community living environment. Our patients are not violent, and must have the potential to benefit from a wide range of unit activities.

By mirroring community life as much as possible, our therapeutic activities prepare the individual for a return to productive life. In fact, treatment often includes easing back into the home environment by practicing new skills outside the hospital, while still a patient.

Daily schedules (from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.) include:

Therapy session with your psychiatrist and primary nurse to assess progress and set goals.
Individual or group therapy sessions with a psychologist, registered psychiatric nurses, social worker, recreational therapist and community life therapist.

Skills building programs help patients learn to cope with stressful situations. Topics include:

Stress management
Assertiveness training
Relaxation techniques
Communication skills
Basic living skills such as budgeting and goal setting.

Our program is conducted in a private, limited-access unit of the hospital. Our staff members abide by high professional standards of confidentiality, and if patients prefer, we will not acknowledge their presence on our unit to any outside callers.

Committed to Long-term Mental Health
We encourage patients, upon discharge, to continue the rebuilding process with their own physicians or community agencies. We work with those individuals and organizations to plan follow-up treatment.

Call (607) 737-7002 for more information.

This 24-hour number is answered by a nurse from the unit, who can explain the program further, and review our admission criteria and procedures. A physician is always on call to facilitate admission if necessary.

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