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Ambulatory Surgery

Before Surgery
On the evening before your surgery, you should not eat solid food after the time instructed by your physician. Be sure to check with your surgeon about the kind of anesthesia you are to receive and the preparations he or she wishes you to make. If you are to have a local anesthetic, you may be allowed clear liquids. If you are having an intravenous local or a general anesthetic, you should not eat or drink six to eight hours before coming to St. Joseph's. Be sure you clearly understand your surgeon's wishes as to the time to stop eating and drinking the night before surgery.

If you accidentally eat or drink after the time you were told not to, please notify your surgeon early in the morning before coming to the Hospital. Surgery may have to be cancelled if you eat or drink after the time indicated. Do not drink alcoholic beverages the evening or day before surgery.

Day of Surgery
The day of your surgery (or the evening before), you should bathe or shower to reduce the normal amount of germs that are on every person's skin. Remove all makeup and nail polish before coming to St. Joseph's. Please leave all jewelry and valuables at home, or you may wish to send them home with an adult after your arrival.

Wear casual clothing so that it may be readily stored in a cabinet in the Day Surgery Department.

You may bring reading material with you, if you so desire. A child scheduled for surgery may bring a special toy, blanket, or whatever, if it will make him/her feel more comfortable.

If, prior to surgery, any change in your physical condition develops, such as an upper respiratory infection, cough, cold, fever, or significant change in the condition for which you are to have surgery, notify your physician promptly.

Where to Report
On the day of your surgery, upon entering St. Joseph's at the Outpatient Entrance (see map), proceed into the Emergency Room waiting area. Look for overhead signs as you come into the lobby, and report to the Out-patient desk.

You will then be directed to the Day Surgery Department where your temperature, pulse, respiration, blood pressure, height, and weight will be taken to prepare you for surgery. Necessary forms will be completed and/or reviewed at this time. If your physician gave you any forms to fill out, please bring them with you. The patient (or legal guardian of any patient under 18) should sign the consent forms.

Family or friends may stay with you until you go to surgery. They may then wish to go to the waiting room on the second floor of the Hospital.

Operating Room personnel will take you to the Operating Room on a stretcher. All jewelry, hair pins, and artificial body parts (including contact lenses) should be removed at that time. You will be wearing a hospital gown and identification bracelet.

After Surgery
After surgery is completed, you will be taken to the Recovery Room if you had an intravenous local or general anesthetic. The length of time you are in Recovery varies according to each individual.

After your surgery, the physician will report your progress to your family or friends in the waiting room.

When you are awake and alert, the staff will bring you back to the Day Surgery Department, where you will be evaluated and prepared for discharge.

At this time, a staff member will give you a copy of your discharge instructions and have you or your legal guardian sign them.

Leaving the Hospital
An adult family member or friend (preferably two for children) must accompany you home following your discharge if an intravenous or general anesthetic was used prior to surgery. In such cases, since the recovery period varies from one to several hours, this family member or friend should stay in the Hospital, or at least leave a telephone number where he/she can be reached.

If you experience any problems after discharge, call your surgeon. Do not drive a car or operate other machinery or power tools until 24 hours after your surgery.

Insurance Coverage
Most health insurance policies now include outpatient surgery benefits ranging from partial to full payment. Be sure to bring your insurance data (company, claim number, or signed forms, if available) with you to give to the receptionist at admission.

St. Joseph's will bill your insurance company for you, but you will be responsible for any expenses not covered by your policy. If you have any questions regarding insurance claims, please call the Hospital Patient Representative at (607) 737-7805. If you are not covered by insurance, please contact the Hospital Credit Office at (607) 733-6541, extension 481.

If you have any questions regarding same-day surgery at St. Joseph's Hospital, call (607) 737-7830.

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