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Adult Outpatient & Intensive Programs

Adult Outpatient Program for Chemical Dependencies
Our staff of professionals in the fields of medicine, nursing, social work and chemical dependency make a team assessment of each individual's unique situation and needs...and recommend a program designed for the individual. Education is an important component in our programs. Individuals learn about the disease of alcoholism and chemical dependency and its effect on the lives of their families. Education also addresses issues of health, nutrition, marriage, family, vocation and spirituality.

Individual and group therapy form the core of our program. Groups meet regularly, with daytime or evening hours available.

Special groups for women, relapse prevention, and dual focus are available for individuals in treatment.

STARS outpatient staff consist of a medical director, administrative director, clinical coordinator, nurse coordinator/counselor, and chemical dependence counselors - all of whom are skilled in the treatment of alcoholism and chemical dependence.

Treatment may involve a period of detoxification at St. Joseph's Hospital under medical supervision before entering our programs. Our staff may assist in making these arrangements. You may go to the Emergency Department of St. Joseph's Hospital at any time for assessment to determine need for detoxification

Adult Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program
The STARS (Southern Tier Addiction Rehabilitation Services) Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program provides an intensive treatment and recovery experience in an outpatient setting.

Individuals with stable living conditions, motivated but still at risk, may be able to receive treatment while remaining at home and on the job. This treatment experience may be more cost-effective for employers with less disruption to daily life.

The STARS Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program is a highly-formalized group therapy and psycho-educational program.

Group cohesiveness and interaction are promoted within the therapeutic environment of addiction treatment. The mutual caring, confronting, and supporting which comes from intense and frequent group meetings does not occur in programs with less intimacy and continuity.

Orientation to the concepts of Alcoholics Anonymous is included, with attendance at AA meetings encouraged as treatment progresses. Involvement of the patient's family or significant others is encouraged. Questions are answered, and the patient's treatment and progress are reviewed with family members to help them become a meaningful part of the patient's recovery.

Daytime Intensive Outpatient Treatment meets 5 days a week for 12 weeks.

There are morning,afternoon and evening tracks. Group is a total of 9 hrs./week for 6 weeks. A "step-down" group is scheduled fore an additional 6 weeks following IOP.

Admission Criteria
Admission is based on an assessment of the individual's needs to determine level of care. Level of care is determined through the clinical assessment and the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) Patient Placement Criteria.

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