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Acute Inpatient Care

Acute Care
Joseph's Acute Care units provide care to a wide variety of patients. Advanced technology and a highly trained staff are ready to meet the needs of patients recovering from surgery, acute illness or infections, heart attacks, accidents, strokes ... the entire spectrum of medical needs. Our staff is dedicated to provide physical, emotional, and spiritual care to all patients both during their hospital stay and through discharge planning to make their transition home easier for both patients and families. Patient Care Managers are available to assist with discharge planning, insurance questions, advance directives as well as coordinating other services.

Surgical Services
While offering all current technology, St. Joseph's Surgical Services staff keeps the patient's safety, comfort and convenience as their focus. Skilled hands of the surgeon working with well trained operating room staff creates a pleasant, safe environment for the patient.

Intensive Care
St. Joseph's 14-bed Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is equipped to deal with a wide variety of critical care needs, including MEDICAL, SURGICAL and CARDIAC CARE. Our ICU also includes a REGIONAL BURN UNIT to care for all burn victims in this area.

St. Joseph's Hospital is now providing Acute Dialysis Services to inpatients. These patients include those receiving services for rehabilitation, surgery, short or extended stays and other medical needs.

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