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Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Chronic lung disease patients can now breathe a little bit easier thanks to a new education and exercise program at St. Josephˇ¦s Hospital. St. Joseph's Pulmonary Rehabilitation program teaches patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) how to exercise, how to be active with less shortness of breath, and how to live better with this lung condition. Patients participating in the program meet twice a week for two hours over an eight - week period.

Joseph Ozog, RRT, MED, St. Joseph's Pulmonary Services Coordinator, said the program, located on the hospital's second floor, is supervised by a registered Respiratory Therapist and overseen by a Board Certified Pulmonologist. "Published data indicates that pulmonary rehabilitation improves the lives of COPD patients through less shortness of breath and fatigue," said Ozog.

The goals of St. Joseph's Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program are intended to benefit each patient in the following ways:

Increased strength and walking distance.
Decreased shortness of breath and fatigue.
Increased confidence and coping ability.
Elimination of emergency room visits and hospital admissions.
Increased quality of life.

"At the same time, our staff also designs a long term plan of exercise for program participants so each patient is able to carry over what they've learned during their eight weeks in our program," said Ozog.

St. Joseph's Pulmonary Rehabilitation is a Medicare benefit, and the program is also covered by most private insurance. For additional information please contact St. Joseph's Pulmonary Rehabilitation Department at (607) 733-6541, ext. 466.

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