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Inpatient Rehabilitation Screener named at St. Joseph's

Patty Stephens, RN was recently named as St. Joseph's Hospital's Inpatient Rehabilitation Screener. In her position at St. Joseph's, Mrs. Stephens' duties include reviewing all patient referrals to St. Joseph's acute inpatient rehabilitation unit.

Mrs. Stephens, a graduate of St. Joseph's School of Nursing, is currently pursuing her Bachelor's of Science Nursing degree from Elmira College. With extensive management experience at St. Joseph's, Mrs. Stephens has served as Assistant Director of Nursing, Assistant Director of the Skilled Nursing Facility, Nursing Director of the Behavioral Science Unit and Administrative Director of the Hospital's Emergency Services Department. Before accepting her current position of Inpatient Rehabilitation Screener, Mrs. Stephens held the position of Director of Corning Hospital's Emergency Department.

Mrs. Stephens is a member of the Emergency Nursing Association and St. Joseph's Hospital School of Nursing Alumni Association.

Mrs. Stephens and her husband Mike live in Pine City with their three children - Lucy, Zachary, and Mary.

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