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St. Joseph's invests in new Operating Room technology

Coming soon to St. Joseph's Operating Room will be the first filmless urological imaging system designed specifically for digital radiology. The Liebel-Flarsheim (LF) Hydra Vision DR, the current state-of-the-art OR imaging system, is scheduled for installation and ready for use at St. Joseph's in early May.

Donald Hartman, St. Joseph's President/CEO, said the hospital's $300,000 investment in a new digital imaging system strengthens the care and treatment for our urology patients. "This first all digital urology system will provide comfort for those patients undergoing complex urological surgeries, as well as treatments for bladder and kidney stones, tumors and other urological issues," said Hartman.

The Libel-Flarsheim (LF) Hydra Vision DR includes a urology table with moving tabletop and moving imaging unit, variable pulse fluoroscopy generator, and High Performance Digital Imaging System that acquires, displays, stores and networks both digital fluoroscopic and digital radiographic images.

Hartman said acquiring the Hydra Vision DR system provides physicians and support teams with expanded capabilities in St. Joseph's imaging suite. "We're excited to begin using this new technology because it will both increase productivity and efficiency as well as improve patient care," said Hartman.

"St. Joseph's continues to remain a customer focused organization as the care and comfort of our patients continue to be our top priority."

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